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Finding your next job has never been easier.

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Job Seekers Features

Message centre

Our messaging centre is a secure platform for you to receive and send messages from one place. Hear from prospective employers and keep a thread of your messages for easy reference.

Save job alerts

You can keep track of jobs you are interested in and we’ll keep you up-to-date with their status – if the job is still active or has been filled or removed.

Job matches

No need to search for your job, we can do the work for you based on your job preferences. You select your preferred location, job type and speciality and we’ll let you know when jobs are listed that match those preferences.

Professional profile

Keep your profile up to date and relevant so employers can learn more about your skills, abilities and knowledge. Let potential employers know from your profile if you can relocate, what your professional memberships are and what your experience and qualifications are. Searching for quality applicants can be a long process for employers, so get yourself noticed with a professional profile and be reachable with up-to-date contact details.

Text messages when jobs are posted

You can receive instant notifications via text messaging when a job matching your preferences is listed. Be ahead of the game by setting up your text notification in your professional profile and setting the alerts.

Easy apply with your CV

One step application. Either add your current CV you have on file, or make changes and upload an updated CV. It’s your choice and all from the click of a mouse in one place.

Search and apply with the click of a button

No need to trawl the site, just key in your preferred job and location and click search. It’s as easy as that.